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ferret tipsTips on Getting & Owning a Ferret

Check your local shelters and search for ferret shelters in your area. There are lots of ferrets there that would love to be added into your home.

Plus they are much cheaper then pet store ferrets, which average around $150.00.

Having two ferrets is just as much work as having one.

Having two ferrets also allows them to have company in the cage while your away.

Get a big cage, especially if you’re a busy individual. A big cage gives the ferrets more room to run around and play. I was never a fan of small cages, even with one ferret. I have a 4 story cage for two ferrets, and they love it!

Do the hammocks look too expensive for you? Get creative. Find old fabric scraps, and tie them together like you would a blanket. Instant hammock!

Still have scraps of fabric lying around? Give them to your ferret! They’ll become their blankets!

Get a litter pan, water and food dish that is attached to the cage. Sometimes the critters move unattached dishes around, and could create a mess for you to clean up.

Your ferrets can be taught to come. I use a squeaker toy and treats. They come almost everytime (except when their in a new area-they want to explore first!)

Cat food can be substituted for ferret food. Ferret food is obviously the best choice though. If you choose to feed them cat food, introduce the cat food slowly so the ferret’s stomach can adjust.

Ferrets itch a lot, but it doesn’t mean they have fleas. Checking to make sure they don’t is still a good idea though.

When your ferrets are running around, ferret proof the area. If the trash is low enough for them to knock it over, set it on a higher area.

Move your chairs away from tables. The ferrets WILL climb on the chair if it can to explore that table. The same goes for cups that you set on the floor. That just screams to a ferret to knock it over.

Your ferrets making sounds? Not to worry. Ferrets make a cooing sound when they are happy. They will also jump at your feet. That’s their way of saying “Lets Play!”

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cavy and dogAre you looking into getting a new pet for you or a family member? Perhaps a Guinea Pig.

If you are interested in these cute little cavies here what you need to know.

Buying a Cavy

The animal themselves usually cost about $30. When buying a cavy, it’s important to choose the one you feel you connect with most, not the prettiest one.

Personally I have a Guinea Pig who is all black with torn ears.

My mother, who was with me at the time to look at the animals, asked, “Are you sure? Don’t you want a more interesting one?” I replied assuredly, “Yes, he is the one, he is definitely the one.”

Another thing to know when getting yourself a Guinea Pig, aside from connecting, is boy are generally friendlier. Also if your looking for a certain age then you may have to travel.

For instance, around Los Angeles, and throughout California, you’ll find them being sold at about 2-4 months old , but around Las Vegas, and throughout Nevada, you can find them as young as three weeks.

Friends for a Piggy

Some people believe it is always better for the cavy to have a friend. I disagree.

If you are not prepared to give your animal too much attention then yes, a friend will be a playmate and they wont be lonely. But sometimes two Guinea Pigs is just too much.

Also if you are prepare to give a lot of attention, and you are looking for a close friend by buying pet, then getting them their own friend is not the best choice.

They will bond with the other animal, only wanting to play, snuggle and love the other. You will be nothing more than a food source.

But if you are the cavy’s only friend, they will be very affectionate, eager to be with you lick you and love you.


The Smaller the cage, the more time they need out of it. Still the cage should be able to fit the animal, a large house, cardboard pipe, or igloo, a food bowl, and eating area and at least one toy.


You can let them run around on your own living room floor, of course then you have to pick up droppings. At most pet stores you can get a harness. So that you can put them on a leash.

DO NOT try to make your own leash or used the leash of another animal. This will choke them.

Although if you can not find any harness/leashes specifically for a guinea pig, ferret can work, they are essentially the same and will not hurt the cavy as long as it’s big enough.

Once you have a leash you can sit at the park and let your animal run all over the grass without worrying about them getting away and not being able to find them.

These animals need lots of different kinds of exercise and believe it or not, they can swim. All you need is a bucket full of water and it’s play time.

However they need to be able to rest when they feel like it. So having something thing they can jump up and sit on for a while is important

Overall if you give your animal love, he or she will return it.

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