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Getting Rid Of Fleas On Cats

cat scratching fleasWe all know as pet owners that fleas can be a real nuisance and can pose a health risk to ourselves and our pets.

Getting rid of these pests can be a challenge, especially for cat owners.

If you have an outdoor cat, they will definitely be more prone to getting fleas than if you have an indoor cat.

Using essential oils

While you can often use essential oils on dogs, this is usually not the case with cats.

Oils affect cats differently, and they tend to lick themselves much more frequently. Some essential oils can be dangerous for cats to ingest, so this option is not recommended.

You can take some extra precautions, however, using some common sense remedies. One option is vacuum the house frequently. Washing your bedding and the cat’s bedding every week is also recommended.

Does Dawn kill fleas?

A great way to kill existing fleas is to use Dawn dish soap. Although it won’t kill fleas after your pet’s bath, it will kill the fleas that exist on your pet when you bathe them. And Dawn is very safe for both your pet and the environment!

Lemon juice?

lemon juiceAnother natural remedy involves using lemon juice. Fleas do not like this substance, and it is a great all natural deterrent. In addition, it smells amazing!

In order to create this remedy, you will boil three cups of water with three whole, but chopped up lemons. Let the lemons steep into the water for about three hours. Once this is done, strain the lemons and seeds out. Put the cooled down liquid into a spray bottle and lightly spray your cat. You can also soak a comb in the mixture and use it this way if you prefer.

Another item fleas hate is apple cider vinegar. This can be found in any grocery store and is reasonably price, although some may not like the smell as much as lemon.


Prescription medication for cats is also available through your vet. They offer flea collars, combs, and topical medications. Most topical medication for fleas on cats is administered once every month. If you use this method wear gloves to avoid getting the medicine on your skin.

Lightly rub the medication into the cat’s shoulder blades making sure you apply the entire tube. Rub it in as much as you can. Make sure you apply this right on the blades where your cat cannot lick it. Your cat may be irritated at first when you apply the medication, so you should monitor them when you first put it on until it is absorbed. Ask your vet which which brand they recommend.

Some brands actually help prevent ticks and heart worms in addition to fleas.

Inside your home, you can use Borax which is a non harmful solution and apply it directly to the carpet. Borax is a known flea preventative, and is harmless to humans and to cats. If you do find fleas in your home, be sure to wash everything in very hot water.

The hot water will help to kill the fleas and their eggs. Soapy water in a bowl is actually a known flea killer as well! The light reflected off the soap attracts fleas, and then they climb into the bowl and drown! There are many safe and healthy ways you can ensure your kitty stays flea free.

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